Production-Ready Microservices - Susan J. Fowler

Production-Ready Microservices

By Susan J. Fowler

  • Release Date: 2016-11-30
  • Genre: Software


One of the biggest challenges for organizations that have adopted microservice architecture is the lack of architectural, operational, and organizational standardization. After splitting a monolithic application or building a microservice ecosystem from scratch, many engineers are left wondering what’s next. In this practical book, author Susan Fowler presents a set of microservice standards in depth, drawing from her experience standardizing over a thousand microservices at Uber. You’ll learn how to design microservices that are stable, reliable, scalable, fault tolerant, performant, monitored, documented, and prepared for any catastrophe.

Explore production-readiness standards, including:
Stability and Reliability: develop, deploy, introduce, and deprecate microservices; protect against dependency failuresScalability and Performance: learn essential components for achieving greater microservice efficiencyFault Tolerance and Catastrophe Preparedness: ensure availability by actively pushing microservices to fail in real timeMonitoring: learn how to monitor, log, and display key metrics; establish alerting and on-call proceduresDocumentation and Understanding: mitigate tradeoffs that come with microservice adoption, including organizational sprawl and technical debt