Daddy's Wicked Parties: The Most Shocking True Story of Child Abuse Ever Told - Kate Skylark & Lucy Gilbert

Daddy's Wicked Parties: The Most Shocking True Story of Child Abuse Ever Told

By Kate Skylark & Lucy Gilbert

  • Release Date: 2017-05-08
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
4 Score: 4 (From 156 Ratings)


A heart-breaking true story of child abuse, and one little girl's terrible secret.

The second of Kate Skylark's co-written true child abuse stories. 

Steve Gilbert is a charming, clever man. Lucy is his ten-year-old daughter. Lucy loves him to bits, just as all little girls love their daddies and she is delighted to hear he has organised a special party for her. After all, little girls love parties.

But Steve Gilbert is also a sociopathic, manipulative sexual predator. Brainwashed into accepting her father's twisted view of the world, Lucy trusts him implicitly. Daddy will keep her safe; he will keep her happy. Daddy would never betray his little girl, would he? But as time goes on, Steve Gilbert's evil manipulations escalate and following a shocking string of events, Lucy's innocent young life turns from simple happy childhood to an abusive nightmare. 

Only one person can save her now. 

Lucy Gilbert and Kate Skylark are friends and confidants. They wrote this book together to help raise money to help children in danger.

WARNING: This book is based upon a true account of child abuse, and as such contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.


  • Important, but difficult

    By MrsCKDigits
    I began the book knowing it would be a tale of surviving sexual abuse. I didn’t realize how graphic it would become. I have not yet been able to read the middle, but skipped to the last to ease the heartache. I know survivor narratives are a crucial part of healing but I might not be strong enough.
  • Too Short

    By Ash1zzle
    This isn’t a book, it’s a very short survivor story. I finished it in less than an hour and the text contains a few errors.
  • Heartbreaking

    By mom to two plus 4 more!
    What a brave child! I’m a foster mom to 4 children who have been through what this woman and many others have! They are siblings who are slowly telling their horror story and hope theirs has the same out come as this one! Sadly mom dad and grandpa were all in on it and I hope they all burn in Hell! I will forever be their protector from here on out and look forward to adopting all four! Thank you for being brave and sharing your story! And I’m truly sorry for everything you had to go through! No child should ever be in this situation! God bless you!