Strike the Blood, Vol. 7 (manga) - TATE, Gakuto Mikumo & Manyako

Strike the Blood, Vol. 7 (manga)

By TATE, Gakuto Mikumo & Manyako

  • Release Date: 2017-06-20
  • Genre: Other


After partnering with Natsuki Minamiya to capture the Masked and end the destruction in the sky, Kojou and Yukina are shocked to discover one of the winged girls is none other than Yukina's classmate Kanon Kanase! When Kanon disappears, Kojou and Yukina seek out her adoptive father, a researcher at megacorp Magus Craft, Inc. Far from the professional meeting they expected, the two find themselves abandoned on a deserted island! It is deserted...isn't it?!