The Bohemian and the Businessman - Katy Regnery

The Bohemian and the Businessman

By Katy Regnery

  • Release Date: 2017-04-24
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
5 Score: 5 (From 13 Ratings)


From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes the finale to the Blueberry Lane series!

The Bohemian and the Businessman is the first of two books about the Philadelphia-based Story sisters who are all on the look-out for love.

Priscilla Story, the self-proclaimed "wild child" of the straight-laced Story clan, has always had a knack for getting herself trouble. Except this time, her "growing problem" is going to require a Daddy sooner than later…or she can kiss her inheritance good-bye.

Shane Olson, who previously dated Priscilla's sister, Margaret, isn't opposed to a marriage of convenience for the sake of furthering his business interests, but Priscilla – with her wild ways – is just about the last woman he'd choose to marry.

In order to make the marriage look convincing, they end up having to spend more time together than they'd originally planned. When rolling stone, Priscilla, who lives by the seat of her muu-muu, and seriously-ambitious Shane, who's had his whole life planned since he was eleven, start falling for each other, it's going to take a whole lot of compromise for this Bohemian and her Businessman to find their happily ever after.


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  • All is not as it appears on Blueberry Lane

    By Grinandstampit
    Priscilla Story is the black sheep of her family. She dresses they way she wants, loves art and travels. She is a disappointment to her high society family. Shane Olson is a poor farm boy from Wisconsin who at a very young age found a way to have a different life for himself. He wants to become part of the world that Priscilla was born into. Priscilla and Shane both have a problem and solve it with a "business" agreement as a stepping stone to reaching their goals. But magic happens in this wonderful story of two misfits. As always, Katy Regnery words draw you in to this wonderful and quirky romance. Her Blueberry Lane series is a favorite. I just love Pricilla and Shane, the Bohemian and the Businessman.
  • Loved This Book!!!

    By Semiller7
    The Bohemian and the Businessman by Katy Regnery is a beautifully written love story. Priscilla Story a self-proclaimed wild child and Shane Olson who is serious and ambitious and has his life planned out are so different from each other but yet so perfect for each other. Their love story is sexy, heartwarming and will grip your heart. I loved this book so much and highly recommend it!!
  • Loved These Characters

    By Lnn20122
    This was a story that will have you cheering for these two. Priscilla is the wild child of the Story sisters. Never fitting in to the rich and elite society she was born into. Shane is a man who never felt like he belonged on his family farm. Both of them grew up trying to change their fate and to make a different mark in the world. Shane is a man with his eye on the prize and that prize is to be a CEO. The only thing standing in his was is his annoyingly conservative boss Mr. Story. The only people who he would consider for the job would be a male member of his family. Being that he only had five daughters, the only way Shane would get the job was if he married one of the five daughters. Shane's focus on his goal and lack of experience with women makes his plan less than desirable. After he bombs out of his relationship with Margaret Story, he is left wondering what to do next. When Priscilla discovers she is pregnant she needs to come up with a plan to get the rest of her trust and not be disowned by her family. The only way to do this is for her to get married. Over hearing her father talking to Shane after his botched proposal to her sister, she comes up with a plan that will help them both. They get married to each other and they both get what they want. What starts out as a marriage of convenience turns into something more to the both of them. The best thing about this book was seeing their relationship shift and change. They always seemed to bring out the best in each other. They were honest about expressing what the other person's downfall was. But they also made a commitment to help each other through it. Making them not only a better individuals but a better couple. It made my heart melt. Shane and Priscilla's story will have you cheering and falling in love with these two outcasts that found a place to belong in with each other.