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  • Terrific!

    By PattiA810
    This is an amazing real world romance. Carter and Evie are great characters and I love how they first meet before all the chaos about their jobs. The storyline is creative, funny and at times makes you want to scream in frustration. I highly recommend this book for the romance, the work place drama and for the friends who always have your back.
  • Boring

    By rayktay
    I'm sorry, but this book didn't hook me. It's a little boring....like watching an episode of Friends over and over again. There is no heat or passion in this (and the last few books). Like I said, it's just boring. Sorry ladies.
  • Fun Story!

    By gbrieger3
    I'm a big fan of the writing team Christina Lauren and have enjoyed many of their books but this one, isn't one of my favorites. While I liked this story, I didn't love it. The story has more office politics than romance and I found myself losing interest. I liked the characters and the premise of the story but I wanted the two main characters to spend more time together. Evie is a successful, single woman working as a talent agent in Hollywood. She meets Carter, another talent agent from a competing agency, at a party. They immediately hit it off but working in the same industry causes some problems between them. They have to figure out how to date and have a career. It isn't always easy as they find themselves competing against one another and they start to feel insecure and mistrustful of each other. The story starts out when they meet and start to date and follows them through all the pitfalls of dating. They are both ready to settle down but have never met that certain person they connected with. When they meet each other, there is a instant connection, however their careers may keep them apart. I liked Carter and Evie. They are both smart and funny and genuinely nice people and there are also some interesting secondary characters that add another dimension to the story. I was given an advanced copy of this book to write an honest review for Netgalley and Cocktails and Books.
  • Great read

    By bookworm betty
    Just finished DYHY have that warm glow'ie feeling as I read the last page....the result of every CLo book I've ever read. The nitty gritty- well written, lots of attention to detail, laugh out loud funny dialog. Some of the office tension was cringe worthy. Had to put the book down for a minute and remind myself a HEA was on the way. I personally could have used a little more of the "down and dirty", but never at the expensive of writing, storyline and funny bits. Write faster ladies!! Other contemporary romances just don't compare to yours! Xo
  • Not my favorite CLo book

    By augufam5
    I love the writing style of Christina Lauren and many of their previous characters. This book didn't flow as well as some others. Because of all the fictional Hollywood celebrities it was a little hard to follow. However, the most disappointing was the lack of chemistry between Carter and Evie. The usual witty dialogue just wasn't there. I will still read CLo books. Their writing style is sweet and sexy. This one just wasn't my favorite.
  • One of their best yet!

    By ThisCityGirl
    If you like humor along with your will they/won't they romance, this book is for you.
  • Fantastic Read!

    By Ktpettit
    I loved this book and am sad it has ended. I have enjoyed reading material from Christina Lauren from way back during the fanfic days. This story was very well written, had me unable to put it down, and laughing out loud. Watching these characters grow and find what they really want was thrilling! The romance was just enough- didn't overpower the story line, but definitely put a flush in your cheeks ;). So glad I purchased this for my beach vacation read!
  • There Can Never Be Too Much CLO!

    By Ashewman1
    I literally read this book in one sitting at night. I couldn't put it down! I love how the characters started out, evolved and ended. I LOL'd on certain parts and my dog just looked at me like I was nuts. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.