Lucifer Rising - Nicholas Booth

Lucifer Rising

By Nicholas Booth

  • Release Date: 2016-10-01
  • Genre: Military


Featuring an eccentric cast of characters, including the creator of James Bond, the self-proclaimed "wickedest man in the world," a cross-dressing astrologer, and the Deputy Führer, bestselling author Nicholas Booth weaves together an incredible narrative about spying, sabotage, weird inventions, black propaganda, and even the attempted harnessing of the occult as the British secret service sought desperately to gain the upper hand over the Nazis by whatever means possible. Using hitherto secret files—many only released in 2014—and reading like a fictional thriller, Lucifer Rising shows how nothing was considered too outrageous in the desperate fight against the Nazi regime, including the attempted manipulation of the occult and astrology, with often unintentionally hilarious results. After all, it was widely suggested that the Nazis had the devil on their side.