ARES Virus:Arctic Storm - John O'Brien

ARES Virus:Arctic Storm

By John O'Brien

  • Release Date: 2016-08-10
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 6 Ratings)


What would happen if a viral agent was released on American soil? How would local agencies react? How would the military respond? What if it was one of their own? Would they own it or attempt to cover it up? If a major operation was jeopardized because of the release, would that alter any of the decisions?

A potent viral agent, created to destabilize a region for forces to move in and clean up, is accidentally spilled in a metropolis. Those infected serve only to afflict others through any means. As forces move in on the beleaguered city, Sergeant Brown has to make his way through roving bands of the infected in order to escape. Will the ring close before he can reach safe grounds or will he and others he finds be added to the final tally?


  • ARES Virus: Arctic Storm-Phenomenal!!

    By MelissaA1974
    New spin on an apocalyptic end to our world as we know it. This story, told a little different than a flu type outbreak with rushed immunizations, shows how a government could start an event to end all events. I was thrilled to see how this tale would progress from the short story I previously read. Throughout, you felt like you were right there with the characters, worried about their situations and what would happen next. A definite page turner. Looking forward to reading....the rest of the story! Thank you John O’Brien for sharing your imagination with us!!