Culinary Travel Guide to Valencia 2016 - Christian Roth

Culinary Travel Guide to Valencia 2016

By Christian Roth

  • Release Date: 2016-03-09
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


It all began with the idea that I wanted to offer recommendations for visitors discovering Valencia in terms of hospitality – in other words: where the best restaurants and bars can be found. I didn’t want to write a travel guide about the history and sights of Valencia, reducing the information provided to shopping, night-life, the beach and the immediate surroundings of the city – all of which can be found in the many existing, more traditional guide books. Instead, I wanted to introduce and propose culinary destinations located on these well-trodden tourist routes, offering an opportunity to plan tours that would include them as way stops. In other words: it would be a synthesis of tourism and gastronomy for connoisseurs of good food and drink.
And that is exactly what the first edition was. The recommendations given here are quite different to those found in traditional rating portals. They don’t reflect the opinions of percentages of restaurant goers or commercial interests – instead, here you will find insider tips for the places locals would recommend to their friends.
This second edition of 2016 has continued in the same vein – but now includes other useful information for tourists: things you should know, sights not to miss, where are the best spots on the beach and more. Also included are plenty of new recommendations and additional topics, like the scene quarter Ruzafa.
This guide is additionally rounded off with plenty of useful information, like explanations of typical dishes, the translation of their names, opening times of places, bus lines, and eating habits of the Valencianos, the people of Valencia.
In this edition, the technical possibilities of eBooks are utilised as much as possible: There are plenty of images, all addresses are linked with Google Maps and can be used for direct navigation, and I have also added information from the internet, like photos and videos, which are also linked here.