Hang Tough - Lorelei James

Hang Tough

By Lorelei James

  • Release Date: 2016-11-01
  • Genre: Western
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 42 Ratings)


In the new Blacktop Cowboys® novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Wrapped and Strapped, one woman learns that when it comes to cowboys, looks can be deceiving...
When Tobin Hale stepped in to stop Garnet Evans’s son from railroading her out of her own home, he knew moving in with his favorite Mud Lily could be seen as strange. But nothing prepared him for the arrival of Garnet’s fiery, beautiful granddaughter, Jade—or her assumption that he’s up to no good...
While Tobin might be the hottest man Jade Evans has ever seen, his physical attributes won’t distract her from protecting her grandma from his sweet-talking ways. But the stubborn cowboy digs in his boot heels and refuses to leave. Stuck in close quarters together, Jade learns Tobin is the real deal—a hardworking, fiercely loyal man and she’s the one in danger of losing her heart.
And just when he was prepared to leave Muddy Gap behind, Tobin may have found the kind of woman worth sticking around for...


  • Tobin and Jade's story

    By Dwidener
    Oh my...if you thought you loved the mud lillies and Tobin before this book, just wait it gets better. Tobin and Garnet's granddaughter have a fun ride in this book and will leave you loving Tobin ore than you thought was possible. You have to read this book for all the karate chopping twists and turns.
  • Another winner!

    By 12toot
    Really enjoyed this. Very few books have the male lead as just a really good guy, who's also sexy and thoughtful towards others, not just younger women. Most male leads are very alpha, solitary, and/or secretive. I, also, like that neither Tobin or Jade play games, are very upfront about what they think and need. And who doesn't love the Mud Lillies? It's what we all aspire to be.
  • Big city meets country

    By greensak
    It was great getting to spend some extra time with the Mud Lilies and getting a little insight into one of their lives. Tobin has adored Garnet (Miz G) from the time he met her, Garnet has had a special fondness for Tobin from the beginning. Miz G starts to have concerns that she has overstepped her bounds with her son and he will ship her off to a nursing home. Garnet's son decides to send his daughter to check on Garnet. When Jade arrives the hackles are raised since Tobin is living with Garnet to keep a moving van from just appearing and shipping her off. Jade is equally unsure of Tobin since she believes he is taking advantage of her GG. When the gloves come off Garnet tells them they are not to be alone together and even charts times they will have with her but not together. As with all things forbidden we know what the outcome was. I was really happy to revisit Muddy Gap and am looking forward to popping in again and again.
  • Loved it!!!!

    By NativeCO9
    Lorelei James did it again! Another awesome book in the Blacktop Cowboys series! Tobin and Jade’s story is a sweet, funny, sexy romance. As usual, Garnet and the Mud Lilies are hilarious! Tobin is my favorite cowboy an I’ve been looking forward to his story forever. I loved seeing him finally get his happily ever after!

    By Debjean9598
    **ARC provided by the author, but that has not influenced my review** You know each time I read a new Blacktop Cowboy it's always my new favorite..... but this one takes the cake!!! I loved it!! Tobin was so worth the wait!!!!! Eighth book in the series, not to mention a few novellas too. Tobin is perfect, in more ways than one, but is unhappy until Jade walks into his life. You will love them both, with their banter & attraction for one another, all while dealing with Garnet and the Mud Lilies....be prepared for laughter, because those ladies are OUT OF CONTROL!!! I'm so happy Tobin found his match and HEA with Jade!! Lorelei James has another AWESOME book on her hands!!!
  • I Wanna Cowboy!

    By KellyMcClure
    I want to be a Mud Lily when I grow up!!! We've all been pulling for Tobin and not really sure who his HEA is going to be with but wow! Who saw Jade coming?? Lorelei just continues to knock them out of the park with sexy cowboys and I am so thankful she does. The general storyline of boy meets girl and a forbidden love goes to a whole new level. Jade doesn't even realize she is looking for love. Tobin knows what he's looking for but doesn't really know where to look. Then fate (AKA the nosy grandmother) intervenes. Magic!!! You just have to love a good, old-fashioned love story, especially one with a sexy cowboy and sweet city girl! Way to go!! Now, who's next??? 1 like
  • Love Tobin

    By Aprilp1980
    OMG I love Tobin, I have been waiting for his book since forever. I have always loved him and his relationship with the Mudlillies. This book did not disappoint. It is very well written the story flows nicely and the characters are 100% real. I can not wait till the next book in this series comes out. As always Mrs. James wrote a great book.
  • Another Lorelei Masterpiece!

    By kikibi11
    [edit] Just when I think Lorelei can't possible bring it again, she does. I've been waiting a while for Tobin's book as he stole my heart in the earlier BT Cowboy books and his story did not disappoint. I was ecstatic to read that the infamous Mud Lilies had an integral part of this story. I swear, those ladies crack me up! Anyway, back to Tobin and Jade. It was funny to watch these two come together from their initial meeting and skepticism towards each other. As a reader, you could feel through the pages that they were mean to be and I had a smile on my face each time they interacted with each other. Poor Jade had so many insecurities and issues even though her GG is pretty darn amazing! It was wonderful to watch her grow and evolve into the confident woman that eventually won Tobin's heart. And Tobin...wooo wee, that cowboy is some kinda sexy. How he thought he was a loser by being unattached is beyond me! That man is grade-a Kobe beef of a man! He is sweet, kind, thoughtful and downright funny! Thanks to him, I will NEVER look at cupcakes the same way!