War's Passion - Lia Davis

War's Passion

By Lia Davis

  • Release Date: 2015-07-02
  • Genre: Paranormal


After losing her parents to a brutal monster straight out of her nightmares, Gwendolyn Preston picks up the shattered pieces of her life and moves to a small fishing village on the coast of Maine. With her best friend in tow, Gwen is sure that a fresh start can erase the horrors that haunt her. But just as her life begins to feel normal again, the dark and handsome Markus Sullivan turns everything upside down once more.

For better or worse, Markus Sullivan serves as the liaison between his father, Ares - God of War - and his brothers. And the strain of his position makes it nearly impossible to keep his inner dragon in check. So when he discovers that the earth-bound demi-gods known as The Descendants have banded together to rebel against the gods, his dragon roars to life in an effort to stop them. 

But when Markus meets Gwen, granddaughter of Aphrodite and The Descendants' next target, his dragon isn't the only thing burning hot. Though he intends to protect Gwen and win yet another victory as the Son of War, passion and danger soon prove insurmountable. And this time, the key to defeating The Descendants just might be Gwen herself.