The Gray and Guilty Sea - Scott William Carter & Jack Nolte

The Gray and Guilty Sea

By Scott William Carter & Jack Nolte

  • Release Date: 2014-06-28
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 768 Ratings)


"Carter's writing is on target." - Publishers Weekly

A curmudgeon. An iconoclast. A loner. That's how people describe Garrison Gage, and that's when they're being charitable.

After his wife's brutal murder in New York, and Gage himself is beaten nearly to death, the crippled private investigator retreats three thousand miles to the quaint coastal town of Barnacle Bluffs, Oregon. He spends the next five years in a convalescent stupor, content to bide his time filling out crossword puzzles and trying to forget that his wife's death is his fault. But all that changes when he discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the beach, and his conscience draws him back into his old occupation - forcing him to confront the demons of his own guilt before he can hope to solve the girl's murder.

Publisher's Note:  A newly revised edition of The Gray and Guilty Sea was published in June 2014, correcting minor typos and formatting errors.

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The Garrison Gage Mysteries
(in chronological order):

The Gray and Guilty Sea
A Desperate Place for Dying
The Lovely Wicked Rain


  • Needs a good editor...

    By FlagInn
    There are inconsistencies like the following quote that could have been corrected by either the author or an editor... Gray & Guilty Sea passage “A bit more effort and then he was in the woods, where the dark canopy shielded him from most of the rain and the wind. Water ran down his face in rivulets. His fedora was a soaked sponge, letting the rain straight through” Excerpt From: Scott William Carter. “The Gray and Guilty Sea.” Flying Raven Otherwise, not a bad read.
  • The Gray and Guilty Sea

    By Transfer Deb
    A good read, entertaining and kept you guessing. Well written and not any grammatical or publishing errors. Look forward to more book by this author.
  • Well done!

    By CIDk
    So well written and suspenseful! A perfect combination. Didn't know "who done it" till the very end. That's a good read!
  • The Gray and Guilty Sea.

    By Twins51
    Started out slow, but picked up like most books. Would recommend to other readers.
  • Not my style

    By nemodder
    Not a very engaging hero
  • Good "pot boiler"

    By Bobs300
    I read this book intermittently and yet it held my interest all the while. Highly recommend the story and the author.
  • Intriguing

    By RahabsDaughter
    Another unique plot with the Garrison Gage character.
  • The Gray and Guilty Sea

    By BrianHey67
    Very enjoyable read, reminded me of Spenser a little. And I'm always a fan of reading books set in places I'm actually familiar with. Highly recommended!
  • The gray and guilty sea

    By Loved the book!!
    Was a great read
  • Inconsistencies

    By Gabivm
    I find a lot of mistakes such as the use of "he" instead of "she" and vice-versa, which I thought were minor. But one mistake struck me more. In chapter 7 one character is described as wearing a "burgundy turtleneck" and in chapter 8 the same character is now wearing "the same black turtleneck" (both chapters cover one day in the life of these characters). I am surprised this wasn't caught at any point from writing to publishing, but details are important to me and things like this put me off.