Sixteen Seconds - Aubrea Summer

Sixteen Seconds

By Aubrea Summer

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


The capabilities of the human mind are limitless when sixteen seconds become the distance between a thought, and a revolution.
Psychokinesis was a foreign word, an umbrella term for things no one believed in, yet the rumors began to spread, rumors that became weapons. For the first time, the people stood a chance against the reign of corrupt power.
Give your thoughts for your life.
The NID, Neurological Impulse Device, ended the uprising. The mandatory implant allowed only eight seconds of thought. Any longer, and the results were devastating. Without free thought, progress and compassion withered, leaving nothing behind but a nation yet to realize that something about their children was changing for the worse, unnatural and dark; empty.
War was fast to follow, and even quicker to end without a solution. There was nothing anyone could do to fix it, and nothing left to fight for. Survivors existed like ghosts, wandering the ash of the country, avoiding the unfeeling, animalistic children, abandoned like the ruined cities.
A new rumor promising hope has surfaced, almost ten years later.
Risk your next breath for your freedom.
Give your life for your thoughts.
Death is not the end, only a clever disguise for a solution. There is a way to save the future, but the gamble is your life. Survive, and reignite the thoughts of a nation. Fail, and mankind will remain another doomed deformity, edging towards extinction.