Beyond Control - Karice Bolton

Beyond Control

By Karice Bolton

  • Release Date: 2013-09-02
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 526 Ratings)


Gabby Sullivan learns in college that some things are impossible to control, and whenever life has spun out of control bad things seem to happen. She promises herself that she'll stay a safe distance from the top three culprits:


But some things are beyond control...

Gabby handles her mom's death and brother's sudden abandonment just about as well as anyone could at the age of twelve. Left feeling alone, she finishes high school, developing a bit of a wild streak, and lives like there's no tomorrow. That is until an illness stops her in her tracks. Learning to control life around her becomes her comfort. With a visible scar that reminds her and the world that she beat the odds, it's impossible for her to put everything behind her, no matter how hard she tries. 

Right out of college she begins working at her family's company and buries herself in the safety of the corporate world. No extra time, no life, no relationships. It's safe to say she might be a little demanding and overly ambitious. She's got everything under control, just how she likes it. 

Jason's been trying to piece his life together after a personal tragedy, only it's not working. He's thrown himself into his work, but he's only becoming angrier. He'll never forgive himself and doesn't expect anyone else to either.

When the back of his vehicle is clipped by a hurried limo driver he can't wait to let the driver have it until he hears Gabby's voice coming from inside the sedan. There's something soothing about it, something familiar. 

The moment she sees Jason, she knows her life will never be the same. But she doesn't know why. He's everything she said she never wanted. He's cocky, arrogant, and infuriating. With his dazzling amber eyes, dark hair and chiseled features she can hardly remember where she's going, let alone where she's been and maybe that's a good thing. She begins to let him show her what life could be, if she really lived it.

Neither wants their past to define their future, but sometimes destiny has something else in store. It's only as their love grows and secrets are revealed that they realize a devastating connection from their past might actually tear them apart.


  • Want more....

    By Allnamedtaken
    The book was really good but when I went to buy more from the series it's not available. I would really like to finish the series when will I be able to get the rest of the series?
  • Very flat...

    By ElizabethFerg
    These characters were so underdeveloped. I couldn't for a second believe their romance. So many details were omitted and I wondered, how did we get here? The ending was need for book 2
  • A gut reaction

    By PattiA810
    I felt betrayal on Gabby's behalf. Here she is living a life without her brother, Aaron whom she believes just up and left abandoning her at the same time their mother passes away from a long battle with cancer. Meanwhile, her father throws himself further into work traveling excessively leaving Gabby to deal with all kinds of heartbreak. What really got under my skin is first, how Gabby's father lied to her for the 10 years since Aaron left knowing why he left, where he was and was in contact with him for at least the last 3 years all the while Gabby has been in therapy for those 10 years and then becomes gravely ill and he has no brains to help her through it by confessing his secret. Secondly, the relationship that is painted between Gabby and Aaron before their mother dies seems like a close, loving one. I realize it is from Gabby's perspective from when she was 12 but still it was wrong for Aaron to have kept his distance and ignored Gabby for all of those years. Thirdly, as Gabby begins dating Jason, Aaron's fellow marine and best friend, he is very supportive of her during her awareness of Aaron's existence and his apparent recent interactions in her father. Jason consoles her with listening and gentleness that she needs to begin to repair her relationships with Aaron and her father. He is also very accepting of who Gabby is and doesn't let her scar down the middle of her chest and the fact that she has had a heart transplant affect him. Jason supposedly understands her insecurities and brings her such joy she falls in love with him. They actually exchange the "I love you's" right before his week long trip. So, when Aaron arrives home after the trip and comes into the house with pain and hurt in his eyes that Gabby can see as well as acting dismissive towards Gabby, there is no reason why he should think that Gabby could handle such emotion. However, he blames her for walking away from him. Aaron never goes after her to explain even though he supposedly understands how Gabby feels. He makes her the culprit of their break-up. Gabby falls back on past experiences where other men she dated couldn't handle her condition. How is she supposed to decipher that Jason isn't rejecting her? Lastly, Gabby's best friend, Brandy, who has been her rock through some tough times in the past as well as the current revelation of the existence of her brother Aaron, doesn't even consider how keeping a major secret from her is OK. Aaron keeps the same secret even though he is so remorseful in his part of not contacting Gabby for 10 years. This part is just cruel and unnecessary to the story line. I have read reviews for the next book in this series and the consensus is more positive than the ones for this book. Since I know that the next one is about Aaron and Brandy's relationship I have the answer to the cliffhanger that is at the end of this book. I am hope some of my complaints will be answered in "Beyond Doubt." We'll see.
  • Great series!

    By Lsunny456
    Love this series! Great story along with a romance.
  • Total cliffhanger

    By Sarahlee1977
    Loved the book up until the cliffhanger! From the reviews it looks like it's not worth spending the money for the rest of the series. I didn't feel Gabby's story was over and book 2 goes into Brandy & Aaron's so this is going to be a one and done series for me.
  • Not worth the read SAPPY

    By Jakpaige
    No character development. Weak weak weak female. Male character very soft could not tell what he was about. Had a decent premise but lost it with the harlequin romance approach and everything is puppy dogs and unicorns. Really sappy actually happy when it was over
  • Beautiful story.

    By Mandy @ I Read Indie
    Wish I could live my long review, but itunes is being all pesky. I found this book simply amazing and the romance was beautiful. I defintely recommend.
  • Love this book!

    By What !!!????
    From beginning to end Karice Bolton makes you fall in love with her characters!
  • Loved it

    By Smack004
    Interesting storyline, excellent character development and unexpected twists!
  • Romantic, funny, exciting

    By Ashleyreb
    Loved this one and the second. I cannot wait for the third!