Minecraft House/Structure Ideas: A collection of blueprints for great house ideas in this Minecraft house guide - Entertainment 727

Minecraft House/Structure Ideas: A collection of blueprints for great house ideas in this Minecraft house guide

By Entertainment 727

  • Release Date: 2013-01-28
  • Genre: Games
4 Score: 4 (From 476 Ratings)
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  • Description

    ★★Ultimate "How-To" Guide for Amazing Houses/ Structures★★ WITH PICTURES! 

    ➤Want the Ultimate House/ Structure Guide for Minecraft? Well, Look no further! In this Guide we give you detailed instructions on how to build Amazing Homes and Structures! 

    ☛Detailed Pictures included! 

    Table of Contents

    CHAPTER 1: The “Standard” House
    Starting small – Basic small hut
    Bigger and better – Outline, top and bottom, furniture, a cosy fireplace
    With all the trimmings – Plan ahead, ground floor rooms (and cellar), the upper levels
    Gardens – Surroundings, paths, plants and water features

    CHAPTER 2: The Evil Fortress of Doom
    Pick your spot – Good biomes, locations
    Building your fortress – The basic shape, rooms, dungeons
    Decorative features – Lava, fire, heads

    CHAPTER 3: Fluffy Cloud Castle
    Up in the sky – Building above tree level, access, shadows
    Building the castle – Wool, shape, air and light

    CHAPTER 4: Underground Warren
    Why underground? – Concealed entrances, natural cave systems, building deep
    Labyrinthine passages – Lighting, tunnels and dimensions, signposts

    CHAPTER 5: Treehouse
    In the jungle... – Growing trees
    Building the treehouse – Platforms, climbing and crossing

    CHAPTER 6: Tower
    Basic considerations – The benefits of narrowness, getting up and down
    Building the tower – Themed floors, what’s on top


    • Probably Terrible

      By deadlycobra
      Go on building our noob dirt houses or pro mansions made of diamonds 💎 but this idiotic book is made for noobs who can't play the game right and end up trying to hug a creeper in SURVIVAL MODE

      By 3pic3nderDrag0nZ
      This book is so bad in the sample and now I don't want to buy the full version of this book! POOP!!!!!!!!!!!

      By th3catsm00
      I can't build big things like mansions and stuff like that but this book showed me how. BEST BOOK EVER!!
    • Terrible

      By Studer1
      Doesn't even have any blueprints just a whole bunch of tips most of us already know.
    • awesome

      By Scgrib
      love this book. please buy!.Mojang is awesome!
    • Good I guess

      By Love2knitMom
      Helpful and even though it is for new players I thought it was good. :)
    • Dis book.

      By Owlboyctp
      Dis book rocks but I don't have da skill or time to make most of dese tings. I also like how I can write a review in some weird voice and no one will care.
    • Cool

      By Jhm14
      Good book

      By Taxi 12569
      Ok so u buy this thinking u will learn to build things like on the cover but it shows you how to build bad square houses with no detail at all!!! I want my money back please!!!!!!
    • Bodil40

      By Fun!!!.
      I just looked at the sample and I didn't like it