The Broken Council - Steven R. Burke

The Broken Council

By Steven R. Burke

  • Release Date: 2012-12-31
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


The land of Tuwa knew centuries of peace and prosperity under the influence of the immortal race of the Elves from the Black Forest. King Ciel, the Elven King, was the primary reason for the collaborative atmosphere amongst the free people of the middle part of Tuwa. The years of tranquility is brought to an end when politics plague the enlightened Elves while other sinister forces plot their rise to power. Freedom is no longer possible while evil spreads throughout the land. The goblins, orcs, rock trolls, and other vicious creatures of Tuwa combine their considerable forces to redress the wrongs against their races from centuries past. They are led by a powerful Guardian who will use all of her powers to further her designs with the assistance of these amply motivated races.

The ancient council of Guardians moves quickly to combat the evil as it spreads. Their efforts alone will not forestall the death and carnage about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting people of middle Tuwa. Battle lines are drawn and lives are lost in bloody conflicts. Riffs will be overcome in order to combat an evil that threatens all who live within middle Tuwa. Councils will break and the resulting fall out will leave no one a safe quarter to resort to. Conflict will find you no matter where hide. Deceit and betrayal leads to unforgivable acts the likes of which have not been seen in millennia. Prepare to choose your side in the conflict that will determine the fate for not only the peoples of Tuwa but the very elements themselves will be forever and irrevocably altered.