The Belly of the Bow - K. J. Parker

The Belly of the Bow

By K. J. Parker

  • Release Date: 2013-05-07
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


Colours in the Steel, Volume One of the Fencer Trilogy, introduced a remarkable new voice in fantasy fiction. The Belly of the Bow confirms that rich promise and establishes K. J. Parker in the top rank of writers.
The city of Perimadeia has fallen. Bardas Loredan, the man who was supposed to save it, is now living on the Island - a recluce, living apart from his family in the mountains, with only a young apprentice for company. His life as a fencer-at-law is over. Instead, Loredon spends his days perfecting the art of bow-making. But his isolation will not last forever; and when the Island comes under attack, his skills as a soldier and general are once again called upon.


  • Highly disappointing

    By Marathonfla
    I'm a big fan of Parker's work, but this book is a mess. More than half of the book is simply a mass of words where the author tries to find the "plot" as she goes along. Once she does discover her thread, it is absolutely ridiculous and contrived. The characters built in the first novel of this series act in ways they positively would not without some sort of amazing character change, which the author neglected to insert. I'll read more of her work, but this particular series is finished for me.