Taming Fire - Aaron Pogue

Taming Fire

By Aaron Pogue

  • Release Date: 2011-06-21
  • Genre: Epic
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 141 Ratings)


"From all directions, in the darkness, a great terror approaches this world. I mean to fight the terror, Daven, and I would make a weapon of you."

Daven Carrickson grew up as a beggar in the filthy alleys beneath the shadows of the palace. He's the son of a known thief, disgraced and despised. His only real talent is his ability with a sword, and his only real chance at finding honor or a home is a desperate dream of joining the King's Guard.

But Daven receives a new future when Master Claighan invites him to study magic at the Academy. The wizard offers to make him into a new kind of soldier: a swordsman equally skilled with forged blades and mystic forces.

Yet when conspiring forces destroy the wizard's plans, Daven finds himself wanted for treason and murder. Hunted by a great black beast of a dragon, caught between the King's Guard and a rebel force led by a rogue wizard, Daven's only hope of surviving is to become more than he's ever dreamed possible.

Taming Fire is the first book in the Dragonprince's Legacy.


  • Taming fire

    By Rom1956
    Excellent story. Real characters both weak & strong. Your main character doesn't believe, isn't able to do the minor stuff yet surpasses the villain, all the way doubting his ability, continually debating with his fear. Very good. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
  • Great story-telling

    By martinobrucato
    Classic hero story, of an ordinary person placed in extraordinary circumstances, and the struggles of the journey, both internal and external. The very carefully thought out glimpses into the world of magic and wizardry by placing us in a school for wizards are extraordinarily good. Not quite Tolkien or Rowling, this is none-the-less a very good yarn by a talented story teller.
  • Taming Fire

    By Academy 3
    If you like Kings and sorcery and wizards and dragons plus war this book is for you!
  • The First book is AWESOME!

    By cyclops.eyesonly
    This is the first time I've read David Pogue, but it won't be the last! I read quite a bit and I read this book in less than a day. It was that hard to put down. The story was great, the dialogue not the least bit contrived, and the twists and turns were fresh# can't wait to start reading the second in this series!
  • WOW!

    By 007812
    I loved it ....Thank you...
  • Fully realized world and deep characterization

    By CheshirePhoenix
    It's rare to find a fully realized epic fantasy world that feels "real" - like it could exist, somewhere. Mr. Pogue manages to do just that and avoids the pitfalls of writing that take readers out of the story. I absolutely loved this novel and look forward to payday when I can buy the rest of the trilogy to find out where everything goes from here. The characters are deep and complex with believable goals and justifications, the conflict is believable and hard to tell the difference between the right and wrong sides, and the looming menace of the dragons is something that I felt deep in my gut. Tension builds through the novel and the pace, while fast, never feels quite frantic or rushed. Instead, things happen when they feel like they're supposed to happen - and not a moment too soon or too late. This is epic fantasy at its best. I rate it 8 out of 5 possible stars.
  • Excellent!!

    By Jbeck06
    This was an unbelievable book from start to finish! Daven, the main character, was one of the most relatable characters, I have ever come across, in anything I've read. You are constantly left wanting to read more, and it is easy to get swept up in your emotions while reading this! Can't wait to read the next book of Daven's epic saga!!!!
  • Awesome

    By Warriorcats4eva
    it was very well written with some great different characters. I like how Daven wasn't very powerful at first don't really like books where the main character is godlike. But I am disappointed that the second book isn't here :( please change this mister Pogue or everyday you don't I will shed a tear and a kitten will die.