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Losing Weight Quickly With the Raw Food Diet

By Addison Publishing

  • Release Date: 2012-08-30
  • Genre: Health & Fitness


You definitely want to lose weight, but you have tried every fad diet in the book and still no results. How is it possible to quickly lose weight but still manage to be healthy at the same time?
You have tried the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, etc. and still no results. I am sure you have become discouraged and you are ready to give up hope that you will ever lose weight. Don't give up hope. There is another potential diet you may consider trying.
The raw food diet is said to provide you with quick weight loss results. What is the raw food diet? These are foods that are organic. Most of the foods are not to be cooked. If you are going to cook on the raw food diet they cannot be hotter than 116 degrees, since heat can destroy all the important nutrients and enzymes in the food.
Keep in mind, meats and dairies are not a part of the raw food diet, so it will take some getting used to if these foods were originally a big part of your diet.
You may be thinking at this point--what in the world can I eat if I can no longer enjoy meat and dairy?
Here are some foods you can consume on a raw food diet:
* Fruits and vegetables that are fresh are highly important.  Make sure that they are thoroughly washed before preparing.
* Nuts, seeds, and grains. These ingredients can be a nice touch to a variety of raw food diet recipes.
* Dried fruits. Dried apricots give a nice sweet flavor and can be an enjoyable snack. Most grocery stores and health food stores offer dried apricots, prunes, raisins, etc.
* Water that has been purified (not tap water). It is recommended you buy bottled water, distilled or spring water. This is healthier than drinking from the tap.
* No dairy products—only milk from a fresh, young coconut.
* Juices that are freshly made. Purchasing a juicer makes this possible.
* Basically all organic foods that have not been processed can be a part of the raw food diet.
With these foods in general, it's important to follow special techniques and guidelines to see actual weight loss results. It's also important to soak all dried fruits and nuts. Make sure you sprout the seeds, beans, and grains. If you do choose to cook, it can only be done with a dehydrator. The temperature will never go above 116 degrees.
Other ways you can properly prepare your food on the raw food diet is to juice your fruits and vegetables, blend your foods—such as the nuts, seeds and grains—and chop your ingredients. When on the raw food diet, you will not be allowed to buy fruit juices from stores, since they are usually not 100% natural or have added sugars.
Naturally, juicing the fruit will give you no worries as to what other ingredients are involved and if there is added sugar. What you see is what you get and this is very beneficial to your health.


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