Remember My Name - David Hendrickson

Remember My Name

By David Hendrickson

  • Release Date: 2012-07-08
  • Genre: Epic


Daenali returns to a farm where years earlier she stole food to stay alive, intending to repay her debt. Instead, she encounters a man beating his pregnant wife. To save the woman, Daenali must kill the man, violating a sacred taboo.The man's brother, determined to exact his revenge, pursues Daenali and the woman, who curses Daenali for what she's done.Bestselling writer David H. Hendrickson spins this epic tale of a memorable woman's courage in the face of a patriarchal society that considers her a witch.Also includes a bonus story based on the same heroine: "Daenali."For more information about Hendrickson's work, see