The Greatest Relationship Secret - Astra Niedra

The Greatest Relationship Secret

By Astra Niedra

  • Release Date: 2012-03-23
  • Genre: Spirituality
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 30 Ratings)


Do you want the secret to solving relationship problems?  

This secret actually affects your whole life experience, but you can see it in action especially clearly in your relationships:

It determines the people you are attracted to and attract into your life, it affects the way you communicate with others and how others respond to you, and it's responsible for the types of relationship patterns you get into.

It's also why much relationship advice and other personal growth techniques have such variable outcomes.
Knowing this secret will give you greater self-acceptance and understanding, higher self-worth, access to inner resources and talents you may not know you have, and a richer, more rewarding life experience.

The Greatest Relationship Secret reveals this secret, giving you a new paradigm through which to see your relationship problems and the means to solve them. This will also help you understand your relationship to all the other aspects of your life, such as money, success, health, career/work, and spirituality.

This secret is the key to deeply knowing and appreciating yourself and how you relate with the people and events in your life. It's the missing ingredient in many personal growth systems and counseling methods, but you can use it together with what you already know.

This secret is NOT the law of attraction - but it does affect how that law works. You'll see how it's affected in this ebook. 

So if you want to join those already using it - some of our best athletes, writers, actors and business people, and even some governments - download this ebook from Australian consciousness teacher and facilitator Astra Niedra.

About Astra: Astra Niedra is an Australian teacher of the leading-edge personal growth work Voice Dialogue. She writes the Voice Dialogue in Daily Life blog. She has also written for Tiny Buddha, Finer Minds, Nurture Natural Parenting magazine and WellBeing magazine. She is author of the critically acclaimed The Perfect Relationship, Enlightenment Through Motherhood, 3 Instant Relationship Fixes, and The Greatest Relationship Secret.


  • Inspirational and moving

    By GenuineGerm
    Very intelligent, strong willed book. Takes the point of view of an individual and looks at it from both sides. In a nutshell it discusses things you may, of may not already know and makes me more aware and conscious of who you are.