35 Tips on Saving Money - Wolfgang Riebe

35 Tips on Saving Money

By Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2011-11-30
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
4 Score: 4 (From 4,324 Ratings)
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  • Description

    If you are looking for a 'new secret magic formula' to solve all your financial problems, this book isn't for you!
    But if you are a responsible, realistic and practical person searching for tried and tested tips to cut back on expenses and save some extra money, then you may find this booklet very useful.


    • Great

      By Aaleeah
      Great read for young adults looking to find easy ways to save
    • Informative

      By Ace-2002
      A practical and enjoyable read. I liked it
    • Great Book for High School Students

      By WFM Guy
      Given that Sex Ed is prioritised over Financial literacy, and basic personal finance is not being taught. this may be a good book for them. perhaps with a read through with the parents.
    • Basic information but great reminder

      By T.One224
      Yeah it is everyday basic info but at the end of the day we all need a constant reminder of the basics because we tend to complicate things for no reason.
    • Got to the point

      By Twojoe
      Great points and tips on saving. Pretty straight forward. This guide made me want to read more about saving money.
    • Good little booklet

      By Jimma D.
      This is a very simple and basic booklet about saving money. I will use most of the suggestions this year and will come back to the booklet regularly to help keep me on track. Thank you!!
    • Must read.

      By Godtso
      Great, excellent I learn a lots. Not good in English but try to do everything thing in this book said and actually it works. If you don't believe this book at least try one step and you will know.
    • Money Management

      By Herbert Norville
      This book was very informative about spending money. The key factors were listed and was explained in detail. After reading this book I feel more confident in were too invest my money. Sincerely, Herbert Norville
    • Waste of time

      By Mrlovesmoneytoomuchguy
      I could have written better in an hour. No research, all opinion, blah.
    • Great short book!!!

      By ShayColeman0812
      I read this book under 15 mins, however he makes great points. I will most definitely keep these 30 tips in mind and share them with my family and friends. 😊