Road Work - Mark Bowden

Road Work

By Mark Bowden

  • Release Date: 2007-12-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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From the #1 New York Times bestseller Black Hawk Down to the critically acclaimed Killing Pablo, Mark Bowden has been praised for his unique, novelistic ability to put his reader in the heat of the story. His acclaimed works of investigative journalism have been published around the world to tremendous success and have sold over 3 million copies. Road Work collects Bowden’s award-winning non-fiction, from his breakout stories for the Philadelphia Inquirer to his most recent high-profile pieces in Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, and The Atlantic. Road Work takes us everywhere from a small town in Rhode Island where one of the largest cocaine rings in history is uncovered, to the Luangwa Valley in Zambia where a bold team of anti-poachers fights to save the fate of the black rhinoceros. “The Kabul-Ki Dance" invites us into the high-adrenaline world of the 391st Fighter Squadron of Idaho as it wages the air war over Afghanistan, and shows us what happens when raw emotion comes up against the clinical precision of modern war. Bowden’s high-profile look at Saddam Hussein, nominated for a National Magazine Award, shed such new and dramatic light on one of the world’s most notorious figures that it has been optioned for film. And his shocking expose on the dark art of interrogation, also nominated for a National Magazine Award, offers an insider's eye into the unique and controversial ways in which we are fighting the war on terrorism. Road Work offers fascinating glimpses into the closely guarded lives of public figures such as Al Sharpton, Norman Mailer, and Mike Schmidt, and also features the uniquely humanistic brand of sports reporting that won acclaim for Bringing the Heat. Powerfully gripping, elucidating, sometimes even wryly humorous, Road Work shows why Mark Bowden has won a reputation as a domestic and foreign reporter of the highest caliber, earning The New York Times Book Review’s praise as “a master of narrative journalism.” Tales of the Tyrant -- An intimate and compelling account of the daily life of Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein and how he wields and retains power is offered. He sleeps only four or five hours a night, keeps his desk immaculate, and tests all his food for poison.Bowden reveals that Hussein was a novelist of romantic potboilers. The Art of Interrogation - Bowden discusses effective ways of interrogation in order to gather intelligence and thwart terrorism. Among these, are the torture lite method, acid tests method, monkey orgasms, and alligator clips. Torture lite includes sleep deprivation, exposure to heat or cold, the use of drugs to cause confusion, rough treatment, and forcing a prisoner to stand for days at a time or to sit in uncomfortable positions... Bowden also explores facts and rumors-- and the complicated legal issues-- surrounding the controversial terrorist holding facility in Guantanamo Bay Kabulki Dance - A look inside the cockpit with the pilots and weapons-systems officers of the 391st Fighter Squadron. These men are the top guns of the US air war in Afghanistan. Bowden explores the emotional human's place in an impersonal, technologized war environment. Al Sharpton profile - a fascinating portrait of this controversial figure published in the Atlantic Salon Republican National Convention 2000 -- "Republicans have zeroed in on the one thing the Democrats cannot defend: Clinton's slick willy." Bowden reportes from the highly orchestrated Republican convention, in which the Republicans aim to down-play their "devisive social priorities" and portray George W. Bush as the kinder, gentler candidate. The Game of a Lifetime - A portrait of the "Turkey Game"-- the nearly century-old Thanksgiving-day high school football rivalry between the Kirkwood Pioneers and the Webster Groves Statesman of the St. Louis suburbs. This year's game will be exceptional because, with the varsity teams unavailable because of playoffs, the inexperienced but eager junior varsity teams will be put on the spot. A...