Portrait of a Spy - Daniel Silva

Portrait of a Spy

By Daniel Silva

  • Release Date: 2011-07-19
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 1,562 Ratings)
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  • Description

    “A bona fide thrill ride.”
    —Miami Herald
    “Silva builds tension with breathtaking double and triple turns of plot.”
    Portrait of a Spy is Silva’s eleventh thriller to feature art restorer and master spy Gabriel Allon as he races from Great Britain to Washington to New York to the Middle East on the trail of a deadly and elusive terrorist network responsible for massacres in Paris, Copenhagen, and at London’s Covent Garden.


    • portrait of a spy by Daniel silva

      By war eagle nana
      I just purchased this book this evening around 1 a.m. But it did not download. I have 77pages that say the same thing..... "Page 1 contains an error to this point" and so on and so on. 57 pages. Nothing else. Could this be corrected
    • Very disappointing

      By Gatehall
      Nowhere near as intense as the rest of the series pre-dating this novel. Allon becoming less interesting and involved in the plots. Who cares to read about people in a room watching an attack unfold. Stupid premise. Also, once again, Silva short shrifts what could be an powerful conclusion by killing off an antagonist in unceremonial and undramatic fashion, instead of using great literary license. Seems Silva feels he can put out any junk and his reputation will get him by such that people will still buy and like it. Pick up the action or I'm dropping these books from the rotation. There is much better out there to read than this book.
    • First Silva read

      By CDC978
      This is the first Silva/Allon novel I have read and it was “hard to put down”. I regret I had not done some research and started at the beginning of the Gabriel Allon series. I will go back to the start soonest !! Great detail and info on the Saudi desert and the relationships in the Arab world within itself.
    • Ok, I guess.

      By Recruiterrick
      Really boring book. Devoid of any action. Written well though: maybe it jut isn't my kind of book.
    • Above average

      By Lon Bohannon
      A solid Gabriel Allon novel of intrigue with good insight on the western world's efforts to fight the war on terrorism, but not up to Silva's normal high standard of pace and suspense. Silva fans will not be disappointed, but I think will conclude in the end it is not one of his best novels.
    • Portrait of a Spy

      By Carol Sabatino
      Good read.
    • Trudged through it

      By Good way to Exercise
      Pretty boring. Not much action. Only a few chapters grabbed attention. Never could quite grasp the flow of the book.
    • Fast paced and thrilling

      By philipbkk1
      A book which is concurrent with the current global scenario related to terrorism and the spy games being played out to counter threats. The author is a master storyteller with great attention to detail paid to every chapter and incident. I will be reading more of Mr.Silva's books for sure.
    • My first Silva book

      By David_M_K
      This is the first Silva book that I have read. I was quickly hooked into both the storyline and the characters. Both were well developed and in the end Mr. Silva closed the loose ends (one of my pet peeves in novels). It got a little draggy about two-thirds in, but was generally a strong page-turner with a realistic, intriguing and exciting story. I highly recommend Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva and look forward to picking up another Silva book soon. (Any recommendations.) Sent from my iPhone
    • Portrait of a Spy

      By Spaghetti & Meatballs
      Exciting, realistic (almost to a fault), engaging. It keeps you glued to your chair. Another, excellant Daniel Silva novel. You won't be disappointed.