Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Benjamin Franklin

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

  • Release Date: 1790-01-01
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
4 Score: 4 (From 362 Ratings)
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  • Description

    Franklin wrote his autobiography in the form of an extended letter to his son. While recording the events of his life, he adds instructions for good living which makes this work America’s first “How to Succeed” book.


    • Every American should read this

      By ajcrites
      A classic book that impart knowledge and wisdom from one of our founding fathers and the great polymath of history. Franklin is an excellent storyteller, and this book is both entertaining and elucidating. You will be surprised to discover facts about Franklin you thought you knew, but it isn't quite so. I found this book to be as inspiring as it was interesting. It doesn't need my endorsement, but I enjoyed it so much I'll give it anyway.
    • Ben Franklin

      By FishFiter
      This story is the first I've read of him, so I cannot make a relative comparison to others. However, I can say that "I" learned or at least had validated a great many truths of life. This by my own experiences throughout "My" life", having now entered the last quarter of life, was easy to relate too. If it were to have the same affect on a person in their first quarter of life, it would surely give that person a great advantage throughout the remainder of their life. It would be a great "Civics Lesson" in high school. To date, the best reading I've had!
    • Fascinating and very enlightening!

      By Geo21463
      Sometimes a little hard to read, due to the differences in language from that time period. But the most fascinating book I've read in a long time!
    • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin a bit short

      By Able Baker Delta
      Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin falls short due to no mention of the Revolutionary war or Mr. Franklin's role in it. What gives?
    • Ben Franklin Autobiography

      By Clay Michaels
    • Censored

      By stonepitts2
      This edition has been censored to remove any references to sexuality.
    • A man to learn and follow his spirit

      By Christopher Tristan
      He to me is more than a man with a certain nationality. With a number of great virtues, he is the model of mankind.
    • Highly recommend it

      By Ejknows
      A fun book that I am happy I had the pleasure to read. Franklin allows the reader to fully and easily comprehend how life was in America from the years before the French Indian war till right before the revolution. This is a book that anyone who is interested in history, politics, religion, wealth, and values should read.
    • Jkdm

      By Hailee12345678901984:'fmc
      You guys need to work on your spelling
    • Fascinating read

      By Big Oak NYC
      Loved it