Pathfinder - Orson Scott Card


By Orson Scott Card

  • Release Date: 2010-11-23
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 413 Ratings)


From the author of Ender’s Game, the soon-to-be major motion picture!

A powerful secret. A dangerous path.

Rigg is well trained at keeping secrets. Only his father knows the truth about Rigg's strange talent for seeing the paths of people's pasts. But when his father dies, Rigg is stunned to learn just how many secrets Father had kept from him--secrets about Rigg's own past, his identity, and his destiny. And when Rigg discovers that he has the power not only to see the past, but also to change it, his future suddenly becomes anything but certain.

Rigg’s birthright sets him on a path that leaves him caught between two factions, one that wants him crowned and one that wants him dead. He will be forced to question everything he thinks he knows, choose who to trust, and push the limits of his talent…or forfeit control of his destiny.


  • soooo creative!!

    By Cfeilmeier
    As a science fiction / fantasy reader for over 30 years I often wonder how could strange worlds in stories relate to Earth and humans. I finally have my hypothetical answer!! Orson Scott Card is such an awesome writer and provides me with intelligent entertainment. Big fan of Enders Game series.
  • My new favorite

    By dudebro29
    Loved Ender's Game and Speaker, but..... Man, this book just blew me away. Had no idea what it was about before buying it, had little expectations, and got my mind blown!!!! OSC is out of control!
  • Highly entertaining

    By Cwant88
    This book kept me engaged from beginning to end
  • <3 OSC

    By Ms Groweg
    I love thought provoking imagination of Card!
  • Great read!

    By Denalaska
    As usual, Card has written an intelligent & interesting book. The story line and characters are believable. I look forward to the sequel!
  • Incredible

    By Mark the Bold
    The best book ever, I loved it all, i want a sequel! The only bad part about reading it was that I had much trouble, and still have, trying to explain it to them.
  • Yet again

    By KnifeMeIsuck
    Mr Card has done what seemed impossible in surpassing himself. Pathfinder had me feeling like I was passing through the Wall every time I had to put it down. Whether you're a long time OSC fan or this is your first time picking up one of his titles, your mind will be blown. Thank you for continuing your career, Mr Card. May your epic novels permeate through time for as long as the human race exists.
  • Card is back, baby!

    By mnelsonj
    As a die-hard Card fan I am thrilled that the sf master is back. The last few years have been difficult for fans like me to witness the downfall of the genre's greatest writer. Pathfinder has many of the aspects that have made Card such a prolific writer: strong young characters, great moral quandaries, formidable opponents, etc. the only critique that I have is that because Card and his publisher decided to make this a trilogy, some of the story was not edited out, and parts of the book were added to make the word count up. With this being touted as a young-adult or childrens's book, I guess Card took after JK Rowling and wrote a 600+ page book for all to read. Many of his books are long, but this book seems to be his answer to Harry Potter in many ways. Scott, you do not need to compete with Rowling or Harry, you are OSC! and you have brought the world Ender! no more need be said. The book is a good read, I enjoyed the audible while following along with the book. I liked this so much that I have the audible, ebook, and regular book. So hopefully the royalties pay well. A must read for OSC fans, and a good introduction to sf to the non-initiate.
  • Excellent

    By Jonosad
    I've read most everything I could get my hand on by osc, and I loved pathfinder. Just disappointed by the lack (for now) of a sequel!
  • Pathfinder

    By Froggi911
    Excellent book! The best OSC I've read since first reading about Ender & Bean.