Springtime in Sonora: A Henry Wright Mystery - Albert Simon

Springtime in Sonora: A Henry Wright Mystery

By Albert Simon

  • Release Date: 2010-01-26
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 209 Ratings)


Henry is asked to come up to Northern California to the sleepy town of Sonora by his old friend and classmate Sheriff Rustow. He makes the trip up and discovers a strange way of dying - entombed in his own gold mine. But after a bit of investigation, it turns out this was no accident and the search is on for a cruel killer who set off the explosion that killed an innocent gold miner. While he is investigating with the Sheriff, Henry is shot and nursed back to health by a kind waitress he'd met earlier. Will they catch the killer? Will Henry get involved in a long distance romance? Find out in this second book in the series.


  • Springtime in Sonora by Albert Simon

    By JK@DPCC
    An enjoyable read with likable characters who are mature, but not old. Henry Wright's sleuthing skills point out the fact that "retired" doesn't mean out of touch. Simon's narrative makes the reader want to plan a trip to Sonora. A really good read! JK @ DPCC
  • Spring in Sonora

    By Rosepetalrose
    Simple, easy read.
  • Please Edit

    By KP3TN
    This story and Mr. Simon's others are not bad, but he is in dire need of an editor. Sentences run together with a comma where a period is needed. After 2 or 3 of that kind of mistake, along with spelling error, this reader is distracted to the point of giving up on the book. I purchased the entire series since the price was right and I've read two books. I hope to make it through the third.
  • Springtime in Sonora

    By ❤️2 Read
    Enjoyed story although it had a predictable ending. This is the second Henry Wright book I have read. This one was full of punctuation errors and run on sentences. Commas were used like periods! There were too many errors to count. I am surprised that the editing was not better. The grammatical errors made it difficult for me to become immersed in the story. I have bought 3 more books in this series and hope those are better. I really enjoyed the first Palm Springs book I read.
  • Good story

    By Speechee11
    This is the second book that I've read by Albert Simon and have enjoyed both of them. Good easy read but there some typographical errors that should be fixed. They just distract the reader from the story.
  • Springtime In Sonora

    By Cyn57
    Great read. Like the characters. Will be buying the 3rd one.
  • Springtime In Sonora

    By 4freedlm
    Henry is a thoroughly enjoyable ex-cop; kind, compassionate, sense of humor, with good friends. This book in the sequence explains how he met Gloria.
  • Ho hum book

    By Inu woman
    I found this book to be a little interesting but the main character seems to be needy. Charles, his housemate doesn't seem to be believable. The narration was a little boring and unbelievable.
  • Really good

    By Diva200107
    Especially for the price. His stories remind me of Columbo or Murder She Wrote shows from the '80s. No gory blood and guts. Just a good wholesome mystery.
  • Springtime in Sonora

    By Stevie Stevens FWTX
    Good read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. No profanity which is a big plus in my book. Have downloaded the other three books and can't wait to read them. Well done.