My Husband the Stranger - Emery Cross

My Husband the Stranger

By Emery Cross

  • Release Date: 2017-10-03
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 10 Ratings)


“So you finally decided to come the f*ck home.” My heart lurched, but I did not turn around to acknowledge the speaker. Had he enlisted the help of a neighbor to spy on the house?

I tried to control the trembling in my arm as I brought the beer to my lips.

“Please just go,” I said, which goaded him into stepping directly into my line of vision.

“So nice to have been missed,” he drawled.

If I were a cartoon character my eyes would be bugging out. I’d never seen him in a suit before. The beard was gone and his once shaggy hair was crisply cut. He looked like a federal agent, a very buff, seriously handsome agent. Surely he was ex-military. How had I been blind to what he really was? Had he been hiding all that musculature under layers of flannel and leather? I’d assumed he’d gotten naked on our wedding night, but martinis had wiped out any memory of the night.

What if the man you married isn’t the man you thought he was?

A whirlwind date led to an elopement. Why wait when you’ve found your fantasy man? But Evie’s just realized she’s only the means to an end. Her father invented something people are willing to kill to acquire, and she’s got nowhere to turn. Certainly not to her new husband. He isn’t the peace-loving activist he pretended to be.

Riker Holt is an ex-special ops soldier who knows weapons and war. He’s made billions as a defense contractor.

He’s gone undercover, but he’s chafing in this role. He’s no bleeding-heart. He’s a hard-ass who always gets what he demands. But his new wife is proving as stubborn as sin.

***This title contains the following: graphic language, explicit sex, and light spanking.***