The Vault - AD Justice, Aleatha Romig, A.M. Hargrove, C.A. Harms, Gina Whitney, Hilary Storm, Kate Benson, Katherine Rhodes, Kathy Coopmans, Katie Ashley, Liv Morris, M Stratton, MC Cerny, Michelle Dare, MJ Fields, Nina Levine, S Moose, Scott Hildreth, T.K. Leigh, Terri E. Laine, Tia Louise & Toni Aleo

The Vault

By AD Justice, Aleatha Romig, A.M. Hargrove, C.A. Harms, Gina Whitney, Hilary Storm, Kate Benson, Katherine Rhodes, Kathy Coopmans, Katie Ashley, Liv Morris, M Stratton, MC Cerny, Michelle Dare, MJ Fields, Nina Levine, S Moose, Scott Hildreth, T.K. Leigh, Terri E. Laine, Tia Louise & Toni Aleo

  • Release Date: 2017-10-17
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
5 Score: 5 (From 6 Ratings)


What happens when you lock 22 authors in a vault and don’t let them come out until they’ve finished their books?

You get one sinfully sexy collection.


See what awaits you inside The Vault.

A.D. Justice  Warning
A.M. Hargrove For The Love of My Sexy Geek
Aleatha Romig  Unconventional
C.A. Harms  Raw
Gina Whitney  Stilettos and Broken Bottles
Hilary Storm  Ridin’ Dirty
Katherine Rhodes  Innuendo
Kate Benson  Redemption
Kathy Coopmans  Parole
Katie Ashley  The Plan
Liv Morris  Sweet Seconds
M.C. Cerny  Declan's Demand
M. Stratton  In His Arms
Michelle Dare  Uncuffed
MJ Fields  Terzetto
Nina Levine  Risk
S. Moose Author  Adjusting the Deal
S.D. Hildreth  Mister Prick
T.K. Leigh  Inferno
Terri E. Laine  Honey
Tia Louise  Sundown
Toni Aleo  Not The One


  • Loved it!!

    By MegM927
    Inferno Part 1- 5 Stars Inferno Part 1 by TK Leigh was absolutely AMAZING!! There are no words to describe how hot and steamy this book was. I devoured it and I cannot wait for part 2. Without giving too much away, Eleanor has been living the life everyone wants for her and not living it for herself. Catching her fiancé in a compromising position she decides to take off to Italy to find out exactly what she wants out of life. Little did she know that one decision will change everything. Meeting Dante and having the connection they did has Ellie questioning everything but their attraction can't be ignored. But what happens when what she's been running from and the present collides? OH MY GOSH!!! That ending just about killed me! TK Leigh's writing is exceptional and I am looking forward to reading Part 2! Warning-AD Justice 5 Stars Warning by AD Justice completely blew me away! I've been a long time fan of Ms. Justice and she continues to surprise me with every single book she writes. Warning keeps you on your toes and leaves you wanting more. Jillian and Damon come from two different worlds. When they first meet you can feel their attraction coming off the pages. But that's not the problem. Will Jillian pass all of Damon's test and win his trust? Or will the warnings she receives make her betray the man she loves? You'll just have to read it to find out! I could NOT put this book down. The characters and the storyline were superb and I don't know if I can wait that long for Part 2!! This book is a definite MUST READ!!
  • Inferno part 1

    By lexi_duckie13
    The Inferno part 1 by TK Leigh was amazing! I was hooked from the start! Can’t wait for part 2! Reviews for other stories to come to this post as I finish them!
  • Great kickstart

    By Reckless Readers
    This is amazing group of authors. I discovered new authors I haven't read before. Each story of this group is unique and none of them are even remotely close to each other. It is easy to lose yourself in the pages however be afraid because there is a lot of cliffhangers....
  • Sweet Seconds Loved!!!

    By little_staple
    I loved this novella, it was a second chance romance. I was hooked right away and read all in one sitting. Sweet Seconds was a well-written fast read. Colin and Kirsten were high school sweethearts but mistakes happen. Reunited after 14 years, can they find love again? This was a great novella and recommend!
  • Awesome reads!!!

    By sferguson105
    The Plan by Katie Ashley ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was such a sweet, sexy fun read, with the perfect amount of drama. I loved that the author showed a bit of an insecure side to Brett, and how realistic his reactions seemed to be. Jenny was the perfect heroine. Strong, overall independent, and sweet. The story was well written, and I can’t wait to read more from this author!!! Inferno-Part 1 by TK Leigh ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book was AMAZING!!! It drew me in from the beginning, and kept my toes curling with how sexy Dante is. Dante and Ellie were perfect together. He brought her out of her shell, and showed her what a beautiful fun woman she is. And OMG. That ending!! Even when you know something major is coming, and have an idea what it might be, it’s still freaking shocking!! To say I can’t wait for the next book is a major understatement. I would definitely recommend this!!!
  • A delicious collection of stories to feast the senses on!

    By Wendy LeGrand
    This review is for Inferno by T.K. Leigh T.K. is one of my go to authors and this story just proves why I can't stop myself from immediately devouring whatever she releases. Inferno is an intriguing story, to say the least. A beautiful woman who has been trapped and controlled her entire life, finally breaking free of the suffocating restraints. Meeting an enigmatic man who makes her feel things she's never felt before. The chemistry and passion between Dante and Eleanor is off the charts. T.K. does an incredible job of building up the attraction and desire between these two characters. What started out as a proposition to just spend this limited time together quickly morphed into something that feels so much deeper than just a casual fling while Eleanor is in Rome. T.K. seamlessly injects glimpses into Eleanor's dismal upbringing and family life into the story and it's very easy to see why she snapped and hopped on that plane to Italy. And then to meet someone like Dante, this mysterious, gorgeous man who seems to be able to read her every thought? A man who helps her discover things about herself she would have never explored otherwise? Is it fate? Is it some cosmic power finally shining down on her? Or is it something else altogether, something that Eleanor is not prepared for? We'll have to wait to find out in the next book... After that bombshell ending, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to wait patiently for the next book and I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this collection!