What She Didn't Know - Tammy Falkner

What She Didn't Know

By Tammy Falkner

  • Release Date: 2017-11-01
  • Genre: Contemporary


I met my wife when we were both sixteen years old.  She quickly became my everything. Twenty years later, she still is. 
Everyone thought Lynn was the crazy one.  They warned me from the moment I met her that, one day, she would break me. I didn’t care.  I wanted her and all her crazy. Always. 
Ultimately, some of our relationship was based on truths only the two of us knew, and that was unavoidable.
No matter what, I always knew one thing was true -- I loved Lynn with all my heart.
What no one saw was that my crazy far surpassed Lynn’s.  I just held mine close to my heart.  I held it in shadow while Lynn wore hers in the sun, but I knew it was there, right beneath the surface.  I just never told anyone.  
I always thought what Lynn didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her… until it did.
In the end, her crazy didn't break me. Mine did.