Buttons and Blame - Penelope Sky

Buttons and Blame

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2017-11-14
  • Genre: Suspense
5 Score: 5 (From 61 Ratings)


I'm supposed to return her to Tristan to finish the deal.

But now I'm dreading the day when I have to drop her off.

Can I really do it?

I'm not supposed to care about this woman. I'm not supposed to care about anyone, actually.

But I care about Bellissimo.


  • Buttons & Blame

    By babyg223
    I’ve enjoyed about all of the Buttons books but this one was rushed and repetitive... not to mention the wasted space of one sentences all over the place. This book continued to drag on and on... the characters continued to repeat the same stuff over and over. So far the worst one of them all.
  • Love these books

    By Big jake m
  • A must read

    By Sharkenator
    Oh my god love it! So mad I read it so fast. Guess I’ll just read it again.

    By Lexi0717
    I could not stop reading this book!!! Penelope keeps me on my toes and this series NEVER gets old! I love it. Can't wait to see how Cane deals with this whole situation because I, sure he does not want to put Adelina in harms way. Can't wait till January to see what happens! Thank you for writing such a good series Penelope. This is a must read.... seriously!
  • Buttons and Blame

    By Wercrazy2
    Great series but you need to read the others before this one. Read in one day can’t wait until the next one comes out. Thanks for a great book
  • Can't get enough, reread this series more than twice!

    By pliene29
    Now I understand in the epilogue of Crow/Buttons story (years later) why their son is named Constantine! He's going to help the Barsetti's! I wish these books are longer! Finishing them way tooooo fast!!!! I'm dying that I have to wait until Jan2018 for the next book. This should be a tv series along with the scotch kings since they intertwine... this is so much better that 50 Shades IMO. I hope the story continues with her writing how Crow/Button help others in sex trafficking as mentioned in the epilogue
  • Best Book Ever

    By Caroline Benefield
    Omg the book was totally amazing you are my favorite author. I cant wait for the moment Adelina realizes that she is in love with Cane. And please someone hurry and get Crow because I need him back next to Pearl side. I loved the way you had me guessing what was going to happen next. Because I thought for sure that the Skull gang was going to team up and help Cane rescue Adelina.
  • Such a cliff hanger!

    By Megsmit143
    I am obsessed with this series! I love how the book gives each character chapters to show their side of the story. She doesn’t leave any characters out and it all ties together. I can’t wait for the next book! Left off with a huge cliff hanger and I need to know what happens!! Excellent read as always!
  • Such a great story!

    By DijahP
    I was so happy when I learned that Cane was getting his own series, because he deserves to have his story told, he deserves happiness. He’s finally found it in Adelina… even though she’s only a “loan.” After borrowing her from Tristan, Cane and Adelina become much closer than he expected, and he learns to love and respect her as a human being, Lucky for him, Adelina starts to feel the same way, and the two enjoy their time together. But their time is very limited, and they both know it. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown and connected with one another from the last book. Although Cane constantly tries to downplay his feelings for her, he eventually gives in and decides that Adelina deserves more and he doesn’t want to return her to the darkness that she came from. His brother Crow becomes involved, and some tough decisions are made. Things really go down in Buttons and Blame! The build up to the third book has me on edge and I cannot wait for more! Penelope is such an awesome storyteller. All of her characters have such a huge place in my heart and mind.
  • Holy Cow

    By Freshen rod
    These books are great!! Cane is going to bring the heat on and I can't wait!!!