Dream So Dark - Quinn Loftis

Dream So Dark

By Quinn Loftis

  • Release Date: 2017-11-07
  • Genre: Paranormal
5 Score: 5 (From 37 Ratings)


**Warning: Dream So Dark is book 2 in this series and darker than book 1. Child trafficking is mentioned though not graphic. No explicit explanations but themes of sexual violence and healing after are explored. Thank you for considering my book for your next read.**

He was created to be a messenger and guider of dreams. He has traveled the earth for centuries upon centuries fulfilling his purpose. Until her. Serenity crept into his existence as seamlessly as the dreams he wove and just as effortlessly, she stole his heart. Their future is still unclear, but Dair knows he doesn't want to spend even another hour without her.
Meanwhile Emma Whitmore, a brilliant young girl whose overcome so much at her tender young age was dropped in both their laps, but for what purpose neither is certain. Taken from the people she's grown to love and put in a home with a man who has no love to give, she fights to survive. She just has to hang on until she can be returned to the adoptive family who has already claimed her.
Three lives, unsure of what is to come, fighting the darkness that is closing in all around them. If they are to have any future together, then evil cannot prevail. But at what cost to them?


  • Dream So Dark, by Quinn Loftis

    By Shellsjake
    As usual a wonderful read!
  • You did it again!

    Quinn!! My gosh... I’ve re-read this book so many times over. Thank you for your books. I would have lost my love of reading without them. Thank you thank you.
  • YES!!! Read it! Love it!

    By Kdw90
    AMAZING! I love Quinn Loftis! I read this book while nursing and before I was so ready to put my little one down, with this I wanted to sit and read it forever! I found myself trying to squeeze in just one more chapter all the time. All of her books just pull you and make you feel like you are living there. I had the hardest time putting this book down! I loved every second of reading it, it is a very heart jerking story. It is not for the faint of heart, The main characters go through many trails. I loved the strength that both Emma and Serenity have through out the story. It is a great story about over coming the hardships we face. Dair and Serenity are so fun to read about. I must say Emma is by far my favorite in the series. She has such spunk and tenacity. I would recommend reading the first one before this one. Quinn is an amazing author, her books have become stronger over time. I love the Grey Wolf series. Definitely read all her books you will not be disappointed.
  • Love! Love! Love!

    By Shoalmire
    Quinn Loftis does it again. This book will not disappoint, and is a definite must read. Quinn will take you on an emotional rollercoaster from dark to light, happy to sad, but overall triumphant. I re-read book 1 and then book 2 in just a few days. Could not put it down except when absolutely necessary. This book does have some very dark moments that make you not want to believe that things like this happen in real life, that will steal your breath, make you cry, and overall crush your heart. But then the characters prove to he triumphant and rise from the ashes. There are religious aspects to this book, but that just made me love it even more. You can't help being drawn in to each of the characters story lines and wanting to know more. I loved this book and can't wait for the third. Good always triumphs evil. All the time God is good. I would definitely recommend this book. *I was gifted an ARC for an honest review.
  • Intense

    By angelcake77
    This is another amazing book! Such intensity in emotions! Be ready to love and hate, happiness and fear, and everything in between. Try out this series. They do not disappoint.
  • I can’t believe you have done it again

    By Francineplayer
    Quinn Loftis— I can’t believe you have done it again! The way you emotionally drag us into the characters is unbelievable. The bond between Serenity & Dair is such an exciting remarkable journey. & Emma Jean. I love her role! I love how you put the context of the Bible in this book Quinn. You are so inspiring for young readers and adult readers. Keep up the awesome work & just keep writing. We love you & are so thankful for you’re excellent hard work. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Dream So Dark

    By Texasgrl11
    I have had the pleasure of reading almost every book by Quinn. Once again you are swept into another world. I will warn readers that the Dream of Me series is darker than some of her series such as the Grey Wolf series, the Elvin series or the Gypsy Healer series. Those series have some dark twists that grip your heart but this is darker than that and will not be for everyone. The romance and love between Serenity and Dair is beautiful and strong and heartbreaking at times. The story of Emma can be difficult to read though because of some of the afore mentioned dark parts. Child trafficking and multiple forms of child abuse are in this series which makes it darker they are also in the first book but also more real. I think Quinn does a great job of showing faith being fire tested through adversity in this series. Ms.Loftis weaves a spell binding story once again! If you’re hooked on the series it’s worth continuing and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next though I am hoping for a little more light in the next book.
  • Deeply Moving Read!

    By LenoreUsher1982
    As a fan of Quinn Loftis, I am quite familiar with her ability to move the reader to laughter and tears in equal measure. This novel is no exception, in fact, I would hasten to argue that it is her most emotionally impactful novel to date. The character development and attention to detail gives the novel verisimilitude. I highly recommend this novel as well as her others! As a reader, I have enjoyed experiencing the evolution and growth of Loftis’ writing over the years. I truly look forward to continuing to accompanying her on her journey.
  • At a lost for words

    By Angelbelle17
    I was completely in love with the characters and can’t wait to see what happens next I have previously read the grey wolf series and adored those books I have read them 3 times all together but now I am gonna be impatiently waiting to see what happens with Emma Dair serenity etc I could not put this book down .. thank you for writing these stores I feel like I playing each character in my head as movie so real like ...
  • She's back!

    By Sweethrtlku
    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Let me preface this review by saying Quinn is my favorite author. While I absolutely adore her Grey Wolves series and all other works. I will say that if you are new to Quinn then The Dream of Me series is where I recommend you start your journey with this author. Since I've been a fan from the beginning I have seen the evolution of Quinn's writing. She has come such a long way and is able to create such beautifully flawed, and realistic characters. They may be dealing with the supernatural but all of her characters are so relatable. Their reactions, choices and feelings are very human. A trait I very much love in her works. So of course when she asked for volunteers to read her ARC I was on it like Dair with Serenity after a week apart! ;P I have waited so long for this book, it's seriously felt like FOREVER! You truly fall in love with theses characters in the first book, Dream of Me. Since then I've anticipated and built this sequel up in my head. I have to say that it did not disappoint. In fact this sequel went above and beyond my expectations! Just when I didn't think I could fall in love with the characters more we are given such heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. Life is a series of paths and choices, this book perfectly displays that for its readers. If you are looking for light read this is not the book for you. However if you want well rounded characters and a great storyline with real trials and tribulations for its characters then get cozy, I guarantee you won't be able to put this book down!!! Enjoy readers and welcome to the pack! Side note: I will be placing a more in depth review on Goodreads on the release date, November 7!!!