Dead End - Catie Rhodes

Dead End

By Catie Rhodes

  • Release Date: 2017-07-17
  • Genre: Fantasy


It knows your darkest heart…

Peri Jean Mace has returned to Gaslight City to tie up a long list of loose ends. Sell Memaw’s house. Try for the billionth time to hook up with Wade Hill. Find Hannah Kessler.

Hannah has barely spoken to Peri Jean since the attack that left her hospitalized. Determined to do whatever it takes to salvage their friendship, Peri Jean goes hunting for her friend.

But Peri Jean finds Hannah in a mess beyond her worst nightmares. A creature that feeds off pain and broken dreams has attached itself to Hannah. And it is killing her one day at a time.

Peri Jean prepares to go to war. The problem? Saving Hannah could cost Peri Jean everything.

Dead End is book number eight of the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. If you love urban fantasy with monsters that’ll make your hair stand on end and a heroine who won’t back down, you’ll love Dead End.

Download Dead End today and ride hard with Peri Jean Mace.