The Dream of God - Verna J. Dozier

The Dream of God

By Verna J. Dozier

  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Genre: Christianity


A new way to cut out the noise of the world and focus on faith: “A small masterpiece.” —Marcus Borg
The oversaturation of news and constant arguments about politics, biases, and differences has changed how we look at the world. So much focus is placed institutions and establishments, individual struggles and traumas, that we forget the things that really matter.
When Verna Dozier found herself disillusioned by the world she was living in, she decided to go back to the basics, cut out the noise, and find the truth of her beliefs. What she discovered was a new way to look at faith, one that is at once more intimate and more demanding, rooted in original teachings, traditions, and scripture. She found what she calls the Dream of God, the truest version of what humanity is called to do and to be—outside of where our failures have led us.
In this powerful and persuasive book, Dozier explores her findings and shares them with the world, not only illuminating her own point of view but demonstrating a whole new way of connecting with faith and each other on our own journeys.

The Dream of God is a small masterpiece. . . . Her vision of the Bible is insightful and persuasive, her writing accessible and powerful.” —Marcus Borg
“This contemporary prophet has touched lives and transformed hearts through her books and talks. Many centuries before Verna Dozier, there was Amos, from the country, speaking out in the market square against the corrupt practices of merchants who ‘sell the righteous for silver and the needy for a pair of shoes.’ In this century we have Dozier, a black female, spreading God’s word in the nation’s capital, across the country, and outside its borders.” —Washington diocese

Verna Dozier has single-handedly revived the study of the Bible and renewed the church’s understanding of the ministry of all believers. She is known all over the country and overseas for her Bible teaching, conferences, preaching, and work with lay groups in the church to strengthen their callings and ministries. She is also the author of The Authority of the Laity, The Calling of the Laity, and Equipping the Saints: A Method of Bible Study.