To Be Where You Are - Jan Karon

To Be Where You Are

By Jan Karon

  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Genre: Family
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 88 Ratings)


#1 New York Times bestselling author Jan Karon returns with the fourteenth novel in the beloved Mitford series, featuring three generations of Kavanaghs.
After twelve years of wrestling with the conflicts of retirement, Father Tim Kavanagh realizes he doesn't need a steady job to prove himself. Then he's given one. As for what it proves, heaven only knows.

Millions of Karon fans will be thrilled that it’s life as usual in the wildly popular Mitford series: A beloved town character lands a front-page obituary, but who was it, exactly, who died? And what about the former mayor, born the year Lindbergh landed in Paris, who’s still running for office? All this, of course, is but a feather on the wind compared to Muse editor J.C. Hogan’s desperate attempts to find a cure for his marital woes. Will it be high-def TV or his pork chop marinade?
In fiction, as in real life, there are no guarantees.
Twenty minutes from Mitford at Meadowgate Farm, newlyweds Dooley and Lace Kavanagh face a crisis that devastates their bank account and impacts their family vet practice.
But there is still a lot to celebrate, as their adopted son, Jack, looks forward to the most important day of his life—with great cooking, country music, and lots of people who love him. Happily, it will also be a day when the terrible wound in Dooley’s biological family begins to heal because of a game—let’s just call it a miracle—that breaks all the rules.
In To Be Where You Are, Jan Karon weaves together the richly comic and compelling lives of two Kavanagh families, and a cast of characters that readers around the world now love like kin.


  • To Be Where You Are

    By Norma101
    I loved The Mitford Series and loved this book. I love how she informed us on all the Mitford characters. Raised in a small town, everyone knows each other. That’s the way it is. I love Mrs. Karon’s writing style and how we know what characters are thinking. The story is so down to earth and easy to read. I hope she writes another one.
  • 14th A Mitford Novel

    By Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader
    To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon is the fourteenth A Mitford Novel. Father Tim is surprised when he receives a call that Esther Bolick has passed away. He is asked to return to Lord’s Chapel to give her eulogy. Dooley and Lacy Kavanagh have an unexpected expense when the pipes burst at Kavanagh Animal Wellness Clinic. Lacy has an opportunity to earn the money needed, but it would mean going away for a couple of months. Would it hinder the completion of Jack Tyler’s adoption? Life is always busy and full in Mitford. Come along for a visit and catch up with all your favorite characters. Let me start by saying I have been a fan of the Mitford series since the beginning. But I have noticed a difference in Jan Karon’s writing style in the last two books. To Be Where You Are is my least favorite book in this series. It was all over the places. I wish Ms. Karon had kept the focus of the story on Father Tim, Cynthia, Dooley, and Lacy. Every other chapter was on a different character. You would just settle in to one person’s story and it would change to someone else. You then have to figure out which character it has jumped to and remember what happened to them five or so chapters ago. You just start to figure it out, then it’s a new chapter and you have to start all over again. It lacked the flow that was present in the earlier books in the series. It was just about impossible to keep track of all the various characters and what was happening to each of them. I do not recommend reading this book as a standalone. You need to read the books in order. My rating for To Be Where You Are is 3 out of 5 stars (it was okay). This story failed to capture and hold my attention.
  • To Be Where You Are

    Love Mitford, Love Father Tim and all the people who make up these wonderful, heartwarming stories, love Jan Karon for her gift of creating them. She makes it all seem real to life. I can hardly wait for the next book. I read and reread them for the joy they give me. And this one is no exception. A different concept from the others, writing about each individual and their thoughts and feelings and telling how they relate in previous books. And it took me a bit to get into the actual story, but it all came together beautifully, I loved it Jan. You are a God-gifted master at telling these wonderful stories. I have every one of your books. Even the cookbook. I must tackle the OMC soon. Trouble is, like Father Tim, I'll eat too much of it. Keep on creating Jan and I'll keep buying and reading. Truthfully I like "real books" the best but I'm into ebooks on my IPad. Makes reading easier in the dark without a light so I don't keep my hubby awake. Love and Blessings, Carol Dodd Franklin, TN
  • Dooley and Lace Need to Read BOUNDARIES by Dr. Henry Cloud

    By Libbie Bailey
    Sorry, but I’m simply not interested in reading about the self-induced chaos of a young couple who bite off more than they can chew so that responsible adults can bail them out of the calamity they've created by giving them free stuff. C’mon now, be honest—doesn’t your stress level rise when you read about Dooley, Lace, Jack, Harley, Willie, countless dogs, cats, cows, pigs, friends, brothers, cleaners, plumbing, murals, and now—get this—another baby on the way? What a zoo! I’m just glad they’re not my kids. And why is Father Tim forever slipping $20s and buying x-ray machines for a guy that inherited over $1 million?! It’s just not healthy. Fortunately, these sections are clearly marked “Messygate” so I eventually skipped over them and headed straight to “Mitford”. I’m hoping, praying, and on my knees begging Jan Karon to please, please, PLEASE focus on the RV adventure with only an occasional text from the zoo in the next book. Lord help.
  • Mitford Always Cares for It’s Own

    By rokinrev
    [ I received this advanced copy from NetGalley and chose to review it] “Grace caught her breath. A story was like opening a door; you never knew what you would find on the other side.” And after all these years and all these stories yo still can’t be sure about what’s on the other side! In this, the latest novel of Jan Karon’s long running series, it feels as if the next generation is outrunning Father Tim, Cynthia and all of the people we have grown to love. Birth, death, love,forgiveness, help, thanksgiving, the miraculous, all tied together and sitting waiting on “the prayer when no other will do.” Dooley and Lace settled at Meadowgate, Dooley’s siblings pretty much all check in. It’s amazing how far Father Tim’s parish reaches. Grandchildren, for real or chosen, promises of new adventures as struggling with change makes the whole world different. But, as former Mayor Esther always says: “Mitford Takes Care of Its Own” While the author and her readers grow older and somewhat wiser, some newer readers coming to Mitford for the first time have reported it as “boring” and can’t understand why long time readers like myself are so defensive of this sleepy little town. Mitford and it’s residents may struggle with computers, and traveling vets, and texting in part because they prove that life is fleeting. If you aren’t careful, you can lose that “spark in your eye”, call it whatever you will. This reader has loved Jan Karon for a good deal of her life and celebrates a new book when it comes onto the horizon, and “To Be Where You Are” is no exception. Highly recommended.
  • Another Beautiful Story

    By M.o.m.1962
    Ok. I'm prejudiced when it comes to Ms. Caron. I've devoured everything she's written, twice. This one is no exception. Beautifully written, familiar characters and the cycle of life, good, sad and messy. If you're a fan, this one doesn't disappoint, if you're just picking it up and don't know the series....don't! Start at the beginning!! All of the characters that are referenced are in a special story all of their own. Read them all before you read this one. It will make this one richer.