Love Has No Gender - Viga Boland

Love Has No Gender

By Viga Boland

  • Release Date: 2016-03-02
  • Genre: Contemporary


Meet Dolores and her alter ego, Delilah. A 50-year-old virgin, thanks to her over-protective, God-fearing mother whom Dolores has looked after in her aging years, Dolores is now finally free and desperate to experience life and love. Dolores goes on a cruise where she meets James who is also looking for love. She introduces herself as Delilah and the game begins as each hides the truth about their past and who they really are. Can this relationship they both need work, given the secrets each carries and is afraid to tell the other? Join them on their road to both other and self-discovery in this longer, short love story with a timeless, and important message. At the end of "Love has no Gender", readers can enjoy excerpts from the author's other books in which non-fiction memoir reads just like fiction!