The Clockwork Dragon - Tasha Black

The Clockwork Dragon

By Tasha Black

  • Release Date: 2016-01-05
  • Genre: Paranormal


A dragon’s fire can melt the coldest heart.

Most of the magic has gone from the world. 
So when a vision of a golden-eyed prince appears to Marie, she knows it must be significant. 
On the eve of the most important night of her life, a gorgeous older man arrives in Tarker’s Hollow and presents Marie with an unusual gift: a magnificent clockwork dragon. 
The race is on. 
Can Marie resist her newfound passions long enough to solve the mystery of the golden-eyed prince and the clockwork dragon before it’s too late? Will she unlock the magic inside herself in time to save her family? And will the stunning stranger unleash the desires she is trying so hard to keep at bay? 

The Clockwork Dragon is a steamy, standalone novella, set in the world of Tarker’s Hollow, home to the bestselling Curse of the Alpha series. 

The Clockwork Dragon was originally published as part of A Very Alpha Christmas. (No longer available)

It is also available as part of the Tales from Tarker's Hollow Collection #1, along with two other standalone Tarker's Hollow books!