The Brides of Bath Series - Cheryl Bolen

The Brides of Bath Series

By Cheryl Bolen

  • Release Date: 2015-08-14
  • Genre: Historical
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 8 Ratings)


The 6-Book Brides of Bath Series
The Bride Wore Blue
 Felicity Harrison reluctantly agrees to help Thomas Moreland, a rich nabob, and his sister integrate into Bath Society in exchange for his clearing of her family's debts. Little does she suspect Thomas is the young man whose life she saved years earlier, the young man who's carried the torch for her for more than six years.
With His Ring
When Glee Pembroke learns her brother's friend Gregory Blankenship, whom she's always loved, will lose his fortune if he's not wed on his twenty-fifth birthday, she proposes a marriage in name only. Gregory never wanted a wife, but now that he's got one, his whole life is turned upside down by the vexing, maddening, adorable creature.
The Bride's Secret
Now that's he's a wealthy lord, James Rutledge wants to make amends to Carlotta Ennis and her son for his act which cost her husband's life. Destitute, she accepts his proposal. Now she must conceal her sordid past from the good man she's married.
To Take This Lord
Sally Spencer's love of Viscount George Sedgewick's motherless children and fear that their father might marry an unfeeling stepmother prompt her to accept George's proposal of a marriage in name only—even though it will be unbearable living under the roof of the man she loves and knowing she can never have him. 
Love in the Library
Desperate widow Catherine Bexley persuades scholar Melvin Steffington to help her recover her late husband's nearly priceless stolen manuscript, the sale of which will give them both financial independence. Mysterious forces contrive to keep them from success while their mutual quest bring them closer than either have ever been to another. 
A Christmas in Bath
Unbeknownst to scholarly Jonathan Blankenship, his sister-in-law Glee has decided this Christmas he needs a little push to make him see that his dear friend of four years, Miss Arbuckle, will make his perfect mate. 


  • The Brides of Bath Series

    By retiredbooker
    Having been captivated by my first book, With His Ring, I was eager to read more from this new author, I had just discovered. I immediately bought the entire series. I love her style and the content of each book. I was so happy to have purchased the series so that I could discover each adventure without waiting to buy the next book. Wonderful and excellent !