Worth of a Duke - K.J. Jackson

Worth of a Duke

By K.J. Jackson

  • Release Date: 2015-06-30
  • Genre: Historical
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 244 Ratings)


One on the wrong side of the ocean.
Lost and wandering the woods, Wynne Theaton was surviving quite nicely until Rowen Lockton appeared. He saves her from getting trampled by a thief’s horse, but then becomes insistent on showing her where she truly is…
One refusing to deny fate.
Fate tossed Miss Theaton into his path, and the Duke of Letson is not one to deny fate. But the woman comes with a host of problems, not the least of which is her belief that she is in another country.
An undeniable attraction neither expected.
He was not looking for a wife. She was only searching for home. But fate has very different plans for the two of them—if they can survive the secrets of the past, of the forgotten.


  • Worth of a Duke

    By R.Amrine
    I have to say that this book started a little slow for me. I was finding it a bit of a stretch, with story of a woman from the mountains of America lost in England and not knowing how she got there. But, I am so glad I stuck it out and kept reading. It was such an engaging story that I couldn’t stop reading. What an adventure and the twists and turns. I highly recommend reading this book and I have @lready moved on the another book by this author.
  • Worth of a Duke

    By stonyledge
    A terrific read, hard to put down!
  • Great book

    By debwex
    I have bern reading victorian romance books for several months now, but this was the best! I loved the twists and turns. Very enjoyable!
  • Kept my interest -a hard thing to do!!

    By Nancy-Kent's mom
    So many of the BookBub free books will not hold my attention. This one DID! I will purchase the upcoming books as they become available. I found not one single mistake-grammar or spelling! Thank you for your stringent efforts to produce a novel without mistakes and fluff just to make it longer. Well written, well edited, and highly enjoyed by a picky reader--ME!!! Nancy S.
  • Worth of a Duke

    By JoanieVA
    Action, love, trust and of course, fate. This book has it all and it will be difficult to put down. Delicious!
  • Good plot and not a wimpy romance

    By PBerg86
    This was an easy read with an interesting plot and characters.
  • Worth if a Duke

    By Pammie$
    I enjoyed the story and respect you as an author, however, the book was difficult to get through because in everyday life it seems unrealistic for two people to have conversations where they repeatedly use each other's names two or three times in one sentence. They know they're speaking to each other so the repeated use of names is superfluous and annoying.
  • Wonderful

    By Louisianablondie
    This was a really good story. Loved the characters and story line. I'm interested in continuing the story in next book.
  • Worth of a Duke

    By Kmart18933
    I read a lot of these types of books. And after a while the scenarios and the dialogue all seem to run together and it's hard for me to get through one without rolling my eyes. However, this book was refreshingly real. And I don't mean realistic, because I'm still not sure how someone could not know what continent they are on...but real in a way that almost had me crying along with the characters. Their emotions are real. I loved the dialogue and I love the imagery . I would read this book again and I would recommend it to anyone like me who reads way too many romance novels searching for the love like I found in this book.
  • Worth of a duke.

    By Touched!!
    Kept me intrigued and could not wait to see how it end good read.